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Monday, September 5, 2011

NTC planning to launch Apple iphone 4 (8GB) @ Rs 15,000 Only!!

Hi friends, you guys must have heard that Nepal Telecom is bringing iPhone 4 (8GB) to Nepal on contract. It seems to me interesting since I am an iphone developer and most of my friends are also excited about having iphones with cheap affordable price.

NTC and Apple Agreement

Once, NTC has tried to bring Blackberry Mobile to Nepal with it BES server integrated with ntc Carrier. But it failed due to lack of our carrier security and probably poor quality of signal strength of Nepal Telecom at that time.

After the failed attempt to bring Blackberry Mobile, largest telecommunication company of Nepal, NTC (Nepal Telecom Authority) is planning to introduce iPhone 4 (8GB) for Rs15000 (200$). According to the source, Apple and NTC have already signed the agreement for this process and it may be available within this year if everything goes fine.

Since we know that 16GB and 32GB iPhone are at high price, iPhone 4 with 8GB memory will be introduced by NTC for its customers. Some weeks ago Apple have announced that they will be introducing iPhone with less memory for promoting developing countries like Nepal to increase its market share. 

According to NTC Plan, to get an iPhone , subscriber have to sign a 2 year contract with NTC and pay Rs15000 to get iPhone. NTC will be selling this iPhone after locking the "NTC" carrier within the device. This scheme is most popular on different countries like in USA, where AT&T, Verizon sells carrier locked iphones on 2 year contract basis to  their customers.

Currently the price of iPhone 4 16GB is Rs55000+ in Nepali market, Rs 15000 for iPhone its not only cool but awesome.  I am looking forward for development of Apple product and iOS in Nepal.

Since Apple iphone is pretty cool gadgets for youngsters and business people it will definitely take great market share. I will be the first one to have it as soon as it arrives.

Challenges for NTC

The iphone is very sophisticated smart phone which uses high speed internet and great carrier services. In short, to maintain the quality standard with smart phone, the carrier service and other services like 3G, GPRS, etc also should be great and meet the standard. Following might be challenges for NTC:
  1. Enhance the Carrier strength even in the time of LoadShedding. (I hate "Error In Connection" Message by the way and Ah.. "No Channels are Available" )
  2. Provide high speed internet service, 3G and GPRS all over the country (not only inside Ring Road area). ( At Least must be competitive with NCell customers in terms of both data plan and service plan).
These are some basic feedback for NTC to enhance its service. If you guys have any feel free to add one in comment. I will add them in list.

Please go through my Post Why should NTC bring iPhone 4 to Nepal to know in detail about how life of Nepali people can upgrade with opportunities when we have iPhone 4 provided by Apple via NTC.

Thanks for reading and happy sharing. Hope within a year,  all interested iPhone fans would be using iPhone for entertainment and calls.


  1. Rajan, the title of the post is misleading. It should be 15000 instead of 5000.

  2. Common NTC , you can do it. But what does a 2 year plan mean ? Is it something like you have to recharge atleast 2500/month or something ? If there is no such plans, it is awesome. I will be planning to switch to becoming a iPhone developer as well coz I guess thousands of Nepalese will be using it with such low prices.

  3. @Anonymous 1: Hi pal, I am very honored that you pointed out my mistake. Thanks pal I have corrected that digit n Happy Sharing :P

    @Anonymous 2: Hoping it would be great to have iPhone with good plan n quality service.

  4. Hey NTC! make your plan for quality of services rather than quantity of services and products."No Network Services", "Network Busy" ... are the most additional features of NTC.

  5. @Ganesh: Yeah... we really want to have good quality services to less customers than poor quality services to more consumers. Thanks for pointing out those issues though.

  6. http://ncasl.blogspot.com/2011/09/ntc-planning-to-launch-apple-iphone-4.html This pal has copied by all blog content. That is unfair by the way. I hope people go respect about each others creativity. Totally Copying from head to foot really sucks. :(

  7. I would be equally happy if NTC offers such an awesome offer. Just a $200 for iphone 4..thats like r u kidding me?? lol

  8. @Amrit: Hey pal... its awesome if we get iPhone 4 for $200. One might think how is it possible, here are some reasons.

    1. These iPhone 4 would be with low specifications (hardware) coz they are manufactured targeting developing countries like us with low production cost.

    2. You have to use ntc carrier with 2 year subscriber plan.

    3. The subscriber plan will include different services to be used like 3G, GPRS packages. You will be bound to use services.

    In this way ntc will generate more revenue since their customers will be using more services. And Apple and NTC would share profit on their agreement basis as Apple has made available iPhone 4 in low cost to customers.

    Its all business plan, where everyone wins.

    Let's hope ntc launch iPhone soon. :)

  9. within one year vanne kaile ho,,, molai aile chaisakyo,,, ani yesko payment installment mah tah hoina hai,,,

  10. what does 2 year contract means????

  11. Yup, glad to hear good news from Nepal.Hope NTC gives more attention towards their service and increase the potentiality of mobile communication.
    Thanks Rajan for posting some very useful info.

  12. you are welcome insane-36. Lets hope it launches soon, however I am thinking of doing some event from a facebook group to give pressure to NTC. Any comments and ideas are supported.

  13. hey buddy im also developer of iOS. can we have better way to contact?

  14. Hey Anand,

    My Personal email address is thamelstreet@gmail.com. You can contact me through this mail box. Happy Developing :)

  15. does ntc have service plan for blackberry? i hve blackberry 8707 but can't access internet from my gprs activated sim.

  16. @Amrit: Hey pal, ntc doesn't have plan for Blackberry, It tried once but failed as I stated in above article. But Ncell do have plan for Blackberry devices, You can visit www.ncell.com.np for more information. Good luck with Blackberry :)

  17. This is awesome! But i bet one will have to use 3 G service compulsory, ultimately it will rob u off $ 500 ! 2 year contract! Ntc is not a fool to give u away iphone for 15 grand !

  18. @Anonymous: Hey you are right NTC is not a fool :). If you want better device and afford iPhone 4, you should also be capable of affording better network services like 3G. I am ready to afford for network services with iPhone 15 thou... , the main problem with ntc now is Network quality, which I hope it should upgrade.

  19. when this very very special day will be anounced or launched in the Nepalese hand?? M too much excited about that very moment

  20. What might be the total cost of this iPhone. 15000 + Two year contract with NTC + ?...

  21. Hi friends,

    It is sad to say, that the Planning of NTC doesn't seems to be success. However yesterday in developer conference held by YIPL / mobilenepal.net, we discussed this issue. And come to conclusion that we (community) might collaborate with Ncell for this service. I will be writing a post regarding it soon.

    Thanks for your interest, let's build our nation. Developers, Developers....

  22. It's gone never no company will do it

  23. 8 gb is not enough for iphone 4 cause it has hd capturing of video and photos.
    And i dont think this will happen soon in Nepal its like fairy dream. ;)

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